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Make Your Church Invitations More Interactive and Effective with a FREE QR Code!

QR Code on Mobile Phone

I'm sure you've noticed them—those weird little squares on ads in magazines, in store displays and even at the movie theater. They are QR Codes and the latest way to communicate with people in the marketplace.

Outreach now offers a FREE QR code with every custom order! By inserting a QR code into your direct mail postcard, custom bulletin, banner or brochure anyone with a smartphone or tablet can just click and be taken to any web page you want—like a pastor welcome video, a promotional video for an upcoming event or a form to register for a free gift or tickets!

Great Use Ideas For Your Church

"More and more people first visit your church through your website—not through your front doors." – Church Marketing 101. Give them an easy way to get there with a QR Code!

  1. Provide directions location or special event by linking to Google or Map Quest directions to your church service!
  2. Create excitement with a video promoting a guest speaker or other special event.
  3. Welcome potential visitors with a video about your church or a special message from the pastor.
  4. Share your sermons or podcasts so visitors can check out your teaching style.
  5. Offer a free gift and collect the contact information for people who use your QR code. This gives you a method of further communication.
  6. Offer Free Tickets to a movie screening or Christmas event and increase your response rates.
  7. Link to your Facebook page and get people to follow your church's social media posts.
  8. Put a QR Code on a banner in front of your church, people who come by after hours can still get information on your church service times and watch a video!


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What Is A QR Code & Why Should My Church Use One?

A QR code is just like a barcode except that it can be read by a smartphone or tablet equipped with a QR code reader (usually offered as a Free App). The QR code is encoded with a URL so that when anyone scans it, the web page is displayed on the phone. This allows you to provide additional information, show a video or even a map.

Using a QR code in your church communications is smart for many reasons but some key points are:

  1. Keeps your messages simple and easy to read: more in-depth details can be shared on the webpage.
  2. Breaks down barriers for church visitors: if your QR code goes to a video about your church or a good website, potential visitors can find out more and will feel more comfortable trying your church in person.
  3. Convenient: the person using the code can find information no matter the day or time.
  4. It's cutting edge: using the latest technology shows that your church is up-to-date and can communicate effectively with a younger audience.