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EPA Approved to kill Covid-19 in 60 seconds!

With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading in our communities, it is important that your church, school or business has a safe, easy and affordable way of disinfecting your building to keep your staff and visitors safe.

Purerox™ is a proven, proprietary technology that is being used in US hospitals and doctors offices. Purerox™ disinfectant can easily be applied with the matching fogger and has EPA approval (#87518-1 (hsp2O)) for killing Covid-19 in 60 seconds or less on surfaces and is safe to spray in the air. Most other disinfectants available on the market are toxic and require the surface to be wet for up to 10 minutes to kill Covid-19.

You will not find a safer, quicker or more cost effective system for disinfecting your building.

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How it Works:

Purerox™ uses a proprietary version of Hypochlorous acid, the same thing that the body naturally produces to kill viruses. Purerox™ is made up of 99.98% water with a small amount of salt and an electrical charge. The neutral electrical charge causes Purerox™ to bind to and destroy any positive or negatively charged viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air.

Normally Hypochlorous acid will quickly lose its electrical charge and effectiveness, but the Purerox™ proprietary technology gives it lasting effectiveness with at least one year of shelf life.

Unlike other chemical disinfectants, Purerox™ is rated as a Category IV disinfectant by the EPA (safest rating) and has no harmful fumes or harsh chemicals, so it can be safely sprayed throughout a building with no PPE and can even be applied with people in the same room. Purerox™ also won’t leave a toxic residue after application. Most other disinfectants can’t be applied safely with a fogger and will only disinfect solid surfaces like floors and counters.

Purerox™ Provides Your Church A Safe Solution Now & in the Future

• 100% natural disinfectant (99.98% water) that is non-toxic, alcohol-free and non-corrosive

• No precautions or safety equipment required. Purerox™ is one of the only disinfectants in the world that is not harmful to people, animals, the environment or materials - you can use it throughout your building!

• Can be used with a fogger to penetrate the entire room with microscopic droplets – covering open surfaces, getting into air ducts, vents and cracks, and rapidly sterilising walls, windows, floors, ceilings and even the air.

• A 60-second Covid-19 kill time means you will use far less disinfectant than others that have to be saturated for 10 minutes or more

• Save time and money by not having to wipe down every surface or hire expensive mitigation companies. Disinfect your building in minutes instead of hours!

• Help visitor feel more comfortable attending your church, school or business

• Purerox™ kills the bacteria that cause most odors, your rooms will smell fresh after using.

Easy to Use Anywhere

A gallon bottle of Purerox™ disinfectant used with a fogger will last about 20 minutes and cover 1000-2000 square feet depending on the volume of the room and if you are just spraying surfaces or also into the air.

Use this powerful solution to:

• Spray throughout your church, office, school or venue
• Disinfect and remove odors in offices, classrooms and nurseries
• Use in between church services or special events to disinfect chairs, surfaces and the air
• Pour into a spray bottle and wipe down smaller surfaces.

Purerox™ kills the bacteria that cause most odors. Your rooms will smell fresh after using.

4 Easy Steps to a Safer Church, School, or Office

Purerox™ Disinfectant Q&A

Has Purerox™ been approved by the EPA for killing Covid-19?

Purerox™ by HSP iClean for Health has EPA approval for use as a disinfectant against Covid-19 and other pathogens. Purerox™has the fastest kill time of 60 seconds of any of the disinfectants approved for foggers on the list. This makes it easier and more effective to use than other disinfectants. You can review the EPA List N disinfectants for use against Covid-19 here:
The EPA approval number is 87518-1 (hsp2O)


Can the Purerox™ be used in a spray bottle?

Yes, Purerox™ can be used in a spray bottle for sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces such as door handles, restrooms, tables and other surfaces. Purerox is an excellent cleaner and leaves no toxic residue.

Are safety precautions needed while applying Purerox™ with a handheld fogger?

Purerox™ is 99.98% water and all natural so no masks, gloves or goggles are needed for application. In fact, Purerox can be applied right before a service or event and will dry in a few minutes without any residue or chemicals. The fact that it is so safe means any staff member or volunteer can apply it.

How long will a 1 gallon container of Purerox™ last for in a fogger?

Depending on the flow adjustment on the fogger, 1 gallon will last for approximately 20 minutes and cover approximately 1000 to 2000 square feet. The coverage amount will depend on the volume of the room and if you are disinfecting just surfaces or also the air in the room.

How does the Purerox™ disinfectant system save me time and money?

The Purerox™ disinfectant system is applied with a fogger that creates a fine mist of disinfectant. The mist will cover all surfaces including the chairs, carpet, doors and even the air. Other disinfectants applied with a sprayer require much more disinfectant to be used in the same area and will only work on hard surfaces and require the residue to be wiped up afterwards with a cloth. In just minutes a whole room can be disinfected that would otherwise take someone hours of doing by hand.

How often should I apply Purerox™ in my building?

This depends on how often people are in your building. Because Purerox™ is fast and easy to use, it is recommended to apply it after every church service or event where people are in your building.

Can Purerox™ damage surfaces or material?

Because Purerox™ is all natural, non-corrosive and has no chemicals, it can be used on all surfaces. It is 99.98% water, so when fogging you may want to be careful to not over saturate electronic or computer equipment.

4.5L Fogger & Disinfectant

10L Fogger & Disinfectant


Handheld Fogger

Backpack Fogger

Foggers and Bundles Backordered - Shipping 9/22