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Church Wall Art

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Believe: Act
Believe: Act
Wall Art
Canvas Prints
$59.00 ($119.00)
Believe: Be
Believe: Be
Wall Art
Canvas Prints
$59.00 ($119.00)
Believe: Think
Believe: Think
Wall Art
Canvas Prints
$59.00 ($119.00)
Mod Grow Green
Mod Grow Green
Wall Art
Canvas Prints
Wall Art
Canvas Prints
$59.00 ($119.00)

Items 1 - 5 of 5

Canvas Prints & Wall Art

Beautiful, Inspiring, Ministry-Minded Church Wall Art Designs!

Update the walls of your church with gorgeous, inspiring Canvas Print Wall Art! Designed just for churches, these beautiful Canvas Prints are created with ministry in mind. Featuring Biblical themes, scripture and seasonal images, each one is printed on sturdy canvas and wrapped on an extra thick 1.5" frame. There are single, pair and triptych design sets that work anywhere from an office to a classroom to a hallway. Available in four sizes, a variety of Christian design sets and with affordable pricing – you can update every church hallway, church classroom, church worship center and sanctuary and your church office!

Canvas Prints Feature:

  • Inspiring, ministry-minded designs
  • Gallery-quality canvas stretched over sturdy 1.5” frames
  • Easy to hang – no frame or special hardware required
  • Huge selection of designs available

Multi-size Church Canvas Prints

Each Multi-Sized Canvas Print Set features the 24 x 36 size print on the sides and a large 30 x 50 design in the middle! Perfect for larger walls, worship centers, or meeting rooms. Each Multi-sized set is built with gallery-quality canvas stretched on sturdy 1.5” frames. Easy to hang – no frame or special hardware required. A set starts at only $287!

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Multi-Sized Church Canvas Prints Multi-Sized Church Canvas Prints Multi-Sized Church Canvas Prints

You’ve seen them on your favorite social media sites, now you can bring eye-catching inspirational artwork into your church — available in the 24" x 24" and 36" x 36" sizes. Each inspirational canvas is gallery-quality canvas stretched over a sturdy 1.5” frame. Easy to hang – no frame or special hardware required. Prices start at $59 each!

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Meme Style Church Canvas Prints Meme Style Church Canvas Prints Meme Style Church Canvas Prints Meme Style Church Canvas Prints Meme Style Church Canvas Prints Meme Style Church Canvas Prints

Mix and match the new 24” x 24” Canvas Prints to create a new look anywhere in your church! These modular graphics are designed to create a collage that fits the vision, mission and themes of your church! There are over 50 designs including backgrounds, arrows, scripture verses, and church themes. Choose a pre-made set or design your own – you can even switch one or two out each season to give your walls an instant update!

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Modular Wall Art for Churches Modular Wall Art for Churches Modular Wall Art for Churches Modular Wall Art for Churches Modular Wall Art for Churches Modular Wall Art for Churches Modular Wall Art for Churches Modular Wall Art for Churches Modular Wall Art for Churches

Give your church a fresh look with designs that reflect scriptures! These special sets of three designs (triptychs) are available as indoor banners or as canvas prints so you can hang them anywhere in your church.

Triptychs are available as sets of banners or canvas prints:

Invite your community into your church for a unique Christmas experience - telling the story of Christmas through canvas art prints. It’s a great family outreach - your church can set up the display the first week of Advent and invite people to tour the exhibit with their family, so children and adults can learn more about the story of Jesus’ birth together! This collection contains twenty 18” x 24” canvas prints, each beautifully depicting key moments in the miracle of Jesus birth, and includes descriptive cards to go with each print. Quantities are limited so order early!

These special Christmas Canvas Print sets are designed to go together to decorate and inspire your church members during the holiday. Display them on a wall in your lobby, hallway or auditorium for a dramatic holiday look!

Multiple Ways to Display: Set up your gallery of prints along a hallway, in a classroom or worship center or on a free-standing display wall.

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Story of Christmas Canvas Prints Story of Christmas Canvas Prints Story of Christmas Canvas Prints


Standard Sizes Include:

  • 24" x 36"
  • 30" x 50"
  • 40" x 40"
  • 60" x 20"

File Formats

Accepted formats include:

  • Press Quality PDF
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 or higher
    • Option 1: Layered Photoshop file (PSD). Convert fonts to shapes.
    • Option 2: Flattened Photoshop file. Save as a Press Quality PDF or JPEG with a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). Note: Begin designing with image file set to 300 dpi. Do NOT increase dpi (dots per inch) after completion.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher Save as Press Quality PDF. Convert fonts to outlines. Linked files must be embedded.

File Size

We have various standard banner sizes. Canvas Prints are designed at 25% of actual size. See Canvas Print Size Chart below

Wrap Area: All canvas prints need a .75" wrap area around all sides (3" at finished size). Refer to Canvas Print Size Chart for specific sizes and requirements.

Logo & Image Quality

Quality requirements:

  • 300 dpi (dots per inch)
  • CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
  • Minimum of 10" in one direction

Images taken directly from the web are NOT acceptable.

Logos are accepted in the following formats:


  • AI
  • EPS
  • PDF (Illustrator)


  • TIFF (transparent)
  • PSD
  • PDF

Note: Increasing the dpi of a small file will not increase the image quality (Example: 72 dpi increased to 300 dpi will still make the image appear pixilated).


All artwork must be provided in CMYK (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black) color mode.

For large areas of black coverage use "Rich Black." The accepted rich black break down is: C=70, M=70, Y=70, K=100

Outreach does NOT guarantee exact color matches.


All fonts must be converted to Outlines, Shapes or Rasterized before artwork is submitted


Canvas Prints are stretched onto 1.5" wooden frames and stapled on the back. There is a 3" "wrap" area on all 4 sides of each Canvas Print.

Upload Materials

Uploading to the Outreach FTP Server:
To access the FTP server from your Mac or PC you must use an FTP client (program).

Note: Fetch is recommended for Mac users. There are a variety of Windows FTP clients, one of the top rated is SmartFTP.

Be sure that "Passive Mode" is disabled (unchecked) in your FTP client, then enter...

Host: User ID: outreachftp Password: Romans837 (case sensitive)

Place artwork into the "Custom Artwork" folder.

Alternative Upload:
You can use as an alternate upload option to easily send large files. Create a free account with Follow the upload instructions and a link to your artwork will be sent to an Outreach Specialist's email. NOTE: Please do not select the "identity verfication" feature- it prevents us from forwarding your document to the designer.

Banner Size Chart

Create banners to the standard template sizes below. Note: Template dimensions are calculated at 1/4 of the finished banner size - determined in inches.

All banners are: CMYK color and the resolution is 300 dpi. When created in Photoshop, rasterize fonts, save as a .tif. When created in Illustrator, convert fonts to outlines, save as an Illustrator .ai file.

Click here to see art specs for specialty banner

Canvas Prints Size Chart