Outreach: Church communication and marketing tools

While this may be your first time planting a church, Outreach has helped hundreds of church planters make their opening day a lasting success. By applying The 4 Laws of Effective Outreach—a strategy in which more than 10,000 churches nationwide have been trained—and utilizing a host of tools, ideas and resources, we can help give your new church the greatest opportunities for growth.


Your plan will include:

  • Identification of the specific targets in your community
  • Your church launch and outreach goals
  • Your practical budgeting considerations


Outreach will work with you to create an identity that clearly represents your unique mission and vision. We can help you define, develop and communicate this identity, and make it recognizable with matching bulletins, banners, invitation cards and logo design.

Using the free OnTarget analysis offered by Outreach, you can identify only those geographic and demographic mailing carrier routes that fit your target group allowing you to effectively and economically send targeted Invitations to those most like to respond.

Once you have learned about the people in your community you can begin looking for ways to show God's love to them. One approach is through the Faith In Action program - where your church invites the community to come together and serve – volunteering to help locally, nationally or globally. Visit PutYourFaithinAction.org to learn more!

Once you’ve identified your audience and have a location, now it’s time to choose the tools to invite your community to your Big Launch and beyond. Direct Mail Postcards, doorhangers, and outdoor banners are all effective ways to get the word out. But you also need a compelling event or series  to promote in order to grab their attention.

Outreach Events can help you find the perfect guest speaker, comedian or other relevant entertainer to make your launch an even bigger success!  Call an Outreach Specialist for assistance!

Your best advertisements are the people who are already committed to your church, so empower them with tools to invite their friends, neighbors and family to check attend the Launch. Gift books, personal business-card invitations and evangelistic booklets are unintimidating ways even the most timid church member can use to reach out.

Make a great first impression with your visitors using Outreach’s ImpactBulletins and ImageBanners. Both send a warm, inviting and professional visual message that communicates the heart of your church. These banners are the perfect directional tool to display in your lobby, halls and on stage.


The ongoing success of your new church is dependent on getting your visitors to return, and you do this by establishing a connection with them. Create messages that speak to visitor’s needs, put a brochure in their hands that builds on your identity and provide opportunities for building relationships.


For Personal Help in planning your Launch, call your Outreach Specialist at