Outreach: Church communication and marketing tools


All.America is mobilizing millions in the Body of Christ to pray for and connect with their neighbors until all 127 million households and every school campus in America is adopted. Use these resources to get involved!

Leaders Guide
An overview of the All initiative

Great for individuals and groups who want to explore what this movement is all about.

Community Guide
All the content from the Leaders Guide, plus some very practial tools and templates to plan for your own expression of All.

Great for local Christian business, civic and chuch leaders to strategically work together and develop a plan for their whole community.


Church Guide
For church leaders to discover their "All", assess the needs in their community and mobilize their congregation to reach out.

Great for church and ministry leadership teams.

Small Group Guide
Mobilizing small groups to pray for and connect with the people around them.

A workbook for every person in your small group.


Sermon Series
A recommended 6 week series to dive deeper into discovering your "All" and the Finish Lines of the Great Commission.