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A Thank You Gift for Reaching Out!

You are already making an effort to invite your new neighbors to church through the New Mover Outreach Program. With Visitor Gift Books, you can improve your visitor's first experience and increase the likelihood that they'll return, Visitor Gift Books let people know you are glad they came and it gives them something to take home and help with their spiritual journey.

Outreach offers 14 different visitor gift books and now you can get a sample book pack to help you decide which book works best for your church: All you pay is shipping!
(This offer expires on May 31, 2018)

Gift book list:

  1. 1. reDiscover Church Book
  2. 2. Why Church Gift Book Book
  3. 3. Case for Easter Books Book
  4. 4. I Love Sundays Gift Book Book
  5. 5. What On Earth Am I Here For Book
  6. 6. A Mother's Heart Book
  7. 7. God Questions Book
  8. 8. Now's The Time Book
  9. 9. The Gifts of Christmas Advent Book
  10. 10. The Case for Christianity Book
  11. 11. The Star: A Journey to Christmas Book
  12. 12. Come Alive Easter Journey Book
  13. 13. Following Jesus Book
  14. 14. Chosen Book

PS: If you’re ready to order gift books - as a New Mover Subscriber, you can get 50% off any bulk order of gift books - just enter coupon code NMBKS in the shopping cart when you place your order at Outreach.com - this offer is valid until December 31, 2018.

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