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Everyone Has Questions About God - Help Your Community Discover the Answers

Everyone Has Questions About God - Help Your Community Discover the Answers

With the exciting The God Questions book and small group study, you'll inspire and empower your members to reach your community with the answers to the tough questions about God and faith.

  • Is God for real?
  • Don't all paths lead to God?
  • What happens when I die?
  • If God is good, why does He let bad things happen?
  • Why should I believe the Bible?

Religion is out. Spirituality is in. But the tough questions remain. Help seekers and saints alike as they search for the answers on their journey to connect—or reconnect—with God. Written by two pastors who used these materials to successfully grow their churches, the 40-day God Questions journey includes sermons, coordinating small group curriculum, and a daily devotional guide for participants.

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The God Questions Participant Guide

mall Group Participant Guide

Daily Devotional and Small Group Guide all in one!
By Hal Seed & Dan Grider

Featuring an innovative format, this guide provides participants with 37 days of devotional readings and weekly small group discussion questions in a single book at an economical price. Save your church and participants money, while providing notes and devotions in one easy-to-reference place.

Price: $89.50/case of 10 – only $8.95 per book

Single Copy: $12.95

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Create Excitement & Increase Participation with In-Reach Tools

Stir up your members and increase participation with The God Questions Communication Tools, now with two designs to choose from!

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Invite Your Community To Explore Their God Questions

Use these highly effective tools to invite your community to join the discussion as you go through the God Questions. Whether they're seekers, saint or skeptic—these attractive invitations will welcome all who are on a spiritual journey.

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Outreach Booklets

outreach booklets

Empower members to reach out to their friends and neighbors with small booklets that share a gospel message in a compelling, easy-to-understand way. Each booklet features eye-catching graphics and a sinners’ prayer.

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God Questions Gift Edition

outreach gift book

The God Questions: Gift Edition can be quickly read by those seeking answers to spiritual questions. Empower members to give this book to friends and family members, to help reach them for Christ. The book features color pages with illustrations, charts and clear-cut answers to key questions:

- Is God Real?
- Is the Bible True?
- Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?
- How Can a Good God Allow Suffering

The final chapter leads seekers through a gospel message and prayer and then gives them the next steps for growing their relationship with God.

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The God Questions journey benefits everyone... Your church AND your church members

Your church will receive:
  • Increase in new attendees and believers
  • Deeper or renewed focus on evangelism and outreach
  • Growth in the number of small groups
Church members will recieve:
  • Confidence in sharing their faith
  • Deeper spiritual focus with the GQ daily devotionals
  • Motivation to invite people to church