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Movies are a great way to connect with your community and draw visitors to your church who may not come on a Sunday.

To legally show these movies in your church: 1) rent a DVD at your local video store; 2) purchase a site license below by clicking "Learn More". When you purchase a movie site license for your church, you can show the movie as many times as you want within a 1-year time period.

Plan a movie date night for couples, a holiday movie night for the whole church, or a teen movie night with your youth group. Read more: Five steps to hosting a movie night at your church.

The Drop Box

The Drop Box tells the story of one man's work to rescue abandoned babies in Seoul, South Korea. Since December, 2009, Pastor Lee, his family, and a network of volunteers have saved the lives of hundreds of newborns. But the work comes with a price. Still, Pastor Lee remains committed.


The Remaining

The Remaining is set just after the Rapture of the Church, and deals with six young adults who are left to figure out what's causing so many natural - and unnatural - disasters. While the film is an edgier than a Left Behind movie, it does present the Gospel in a way that relates to today's young adults.