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4.5L Electric Sprayer & Disinfectant Starter Bundle

1 Gallon Bundle - $199
Now $158.75

4 Gallon Bundle - $338
Now $199

10L Electric Sprayer & Disinfectant
Now $388

Case of 4 Gallons - $239
$149.25 with Code

Single Gallon - $139
$44.81 with Code

Case with Free Fogger - $338
Now $199

Handheld Electric Sprayer
$89.25 with Code

Backpack Electric Sprayer
$141.75 with Code

*Coupon code must be used during checkout to see savings - not valid with any other offers or previous orders. Hardware sold separately. Some exclusions do apply: Offer not valid on postage, mailhouse, design fees, Covid-19 Rapid Tests, Purerox case bundles, banner and sign hardware, and shipping. Offer expires at midnight on Friday, October 1, 2021.

TOUCHLESS SANITIZER STATIONS - Now Includes Free Case of Sanitizer

Sanitizer stands and dispensers come with a warranty (not offered by Amazon resellers as most items ship from China.)

Automatic Sanitizing Stations with Sign Holder -
Perfect for lobbies, sanctuaries, classrooms and hallways. Works with any liquid sanitizer to dispense a palm full of liquid. 6 Downloadable Signs Included.

$81.75 with Code

Small Sanitizing Station - Designed for smaller areas or classrooms with limited space. Works best with gel or blend sanitizer to dispense a palm full of liquid.

$51.75 with Code

Pedal-Activated Dispenser Station -
This hands-free dispenser can be placed anywhere, including outside. No batteries or power required.

$51.75 with Code

Touchless Wall Mount Sanitizer Dispenser -
Great for hand sanitizer in public areas or for safe soap dispensing in restrooms. Works with any liquid sanitizer or liquid soap and dispenses up to 1000 sprays per fill.

$27.71 with Code

*Note: Sanitizer is sold separately. There are no cancellations or returns on Dispensers - contact Customer Service for warranty exchanges.


3-Ply Non-Medical Face Mask - Shipping Now!
Great for volunteers, attenders or for outreach to your community.
Box of 50

$14.95/Pack of 50
$7.46 with Code

Children's 3-Ply Non-Medical Face Mask - Shipping Now!
Designed for kids - one size fits most children. Made of non-woven fabric, these 3-ply masks have an elastic ear loop band that allows most kids to put on themselves.

$19.95/Pack of 50
$9.74 with Code

Reusable KN95 Face Mask - Shipping Now!
Reusable 5-layer masks provide greater protection than disposable masks.

$49.50/Pack of 25
$18.74 with Code

Reusable Cloth Face Masks - Shipping Now!
These washable cloth masks are perfect for your staff, volunteers, and church members. Double layered, four-way provides comfort during worship and the message.

$14.95/Pack of 10
$7.46 with Code

*Note: All sales are final - there are no returns on face masks.

Gel and Blend Sanitizer

Manufactured by an FDA certified facility in the US, these premium Aloe Hand Sanitizer options are gentle and moisturizing while still providing germ-killing protection with 80% ethyl alcohol. All of these aloe sanitizer options are available in 1 gallon containers or in a case of 4 containers and leave our warehouse in just 1-2 business days

A Guide to Buying Outreach Sanitizer for the Touchless Dispensers:

Premium Aloe Blend with Lavender
Gel & liquid blend is formulated specifically for touchless dispensers, to reduce drips while not clogging the dispenser nozzle.

Premium Aloe Gel with Lavender
Thicker gel sanitizer works in the dispensers but may cause clogs. Can also be used to refill pump bottles or to mix with a liquid to create your own blend.

*Note: All sales are final - there are no returns or exchanges on sanitizer products.


InfoSign Stand - Shipping Now!
Provide helpful messaging and directions with this portable, InfoSign Stand. It includes a sign frame which can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Includes 24 downloadable signs.

$59.99 with Code

Crowd-Control Stanchions
Direct and control people entering and exiting your building with strong steel posts and retractable belts. Each portable stanchion is sold separately and includes a 6.5' strap to form lines to block off an area.

$44.25 with code

Also Available:
Sign Holder Top
$29.25 with Code

*Note: All sales are final - there are no returns on directional signs.


Complete Communion Cups -
These prefilled communion cups are factory-sealed and include juice and wafer in one convenient set. Designed to perfectly fit into communion trays or simply pass in baskets to your congregation as you celebrate the Lord's Supper. The safer way to distribute Communion in your church. Available in 3 box sizes: 100, 250, 500

Box of 100 $27.68 $20.76 with Code

Box of 250 $63.95 $47.96 with Code

Box of 500 $106.61 $79.96 with Code

Wall Mount Offering Box
These lockable offering/suggestion boxes are a safe alternative to the passed offering basket. Keep contents secure with a hinged lockable top (key included). Features a built-in side pocket for offering envelopes or suggestion cards and a pen. Can be attached to the wall (hardware included), set on a table/counter, or mounted on the matching stand.

$29.25 with Code

Offering Box & Stand
Purchase the Wood Offering Box and Stand Combo for everything you need to offer your congregation a simple and safe way to donate to your church. Includes (1) Offering box and (1) Offering Box Stand.

$74.25 with code

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