Dan Gordon

Israeli Defense Force Captain, Sniper and Screenwriter

Dan Gordon is an Israeli-American screenwriter and author. He serves as Captain in the Israeli Defense Force in which he was the oldest to complete his elite unit’s grueling 40km overnight forced march and was awarded the only distinctive beret honor. Dan’s firsthand Israel experience makes him an expert on Israeli culture and Middle Eastern affairs.

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Dan Gordon is the screenwriter of fifteen Hollywood feature films, including "The Hurricane", (which earned Denzel Washington an Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor), "Wyatt Earp" (Kevin Costner), "The Assignment" (Sir Ben Kingsley), "Murder in The First" (Kevin Bacon and Gary Oldman) and "Passenger 57" (Wesley Snipes). Gordon also has more than two hundred hours of television programming as a writer, director and/or Executive Producer, including head writer on Michael Landon's long-running series, "Highway to Heaven".
He has written extensively on Middle Eastern Affairs and Counter terrorism on such diverse sites as The Huffington Post, Breitbart News and American Thinker. As a Spokesperson for the IDF and Middle East Analyst, Gordon has appeared on virtually every major US and European broadcast and cable news outlet. In 2006 he was widely quoted as stating at the end of the Second Lebanon War.
During the 2014 Hamas/Israel war, Gordon was a firsthand witness to a new and terrifying weapon of today's terrorist army; Terrorist Tunnel Attacks, which can cross international boundaries unnoticed and sprout terrorists in suburban areas like zombies rising up from the grave. Unfortunately, these zombies are armed with RPGs, submachine guns, grenades, tranquilizers and handcuffs. 

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