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Chad Robichaux

Former Force Recon Marine, Pro MMA Champion, Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation

Chad M. Robichaux first burst onto the scene when he became a professional MMA World Champion. Prior to his Mixed Martial Arts career, he served in the military as a Special Operations Force Recon Marine. Chad now focuses his time on helping veterans recover from PTSD through the Mighty Oaks Foundation, which he founded. 

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Chad Robichaux’s story is an incredible journey of tragedy to triumph.He served his country proudly as a Special Operations Force Recon Marine, served on a JSOC Task Force on 8 deployments to Afghanistan in the War on Terror, and had a successful career as a Pro MMA Champion.

Despite those achievements Chad faced many hardships. After Afghanistan Chad was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and his marriage and family life was left in shambles. Through the faithful discipleship of a local Christian man, God redeemed Chad’s life, marriage and family. After experiencing this life change, Chad and his wife Kathy founded The Mighty Oaks Foundation in order to reach other Veterans, Active Duty Service Members and their families who are dealing with the same crisis in their lives due to their military service.

Chad is a widely sought after public speaker and subject matter expert on PTSD, Military and
Veterans’ issues providing advisory to the nation's highest ranking flag officers and advised the current presidential administration on the best and most-effective faith-based solutions for veteran’s care. Chad has testified in Veterans’ Court regarding combat trauma and PTSD, wrote a best-selling book on the subject and has been featured on such media outlets as Fox News, Forbes, The OReily Factor, USA Today, Christian Post, Focus on The Family, The 700 Club, and a short biography film by I Am Second.


Chad's Testimony:




"What God did to heal Chad, to heal their marriage, and to draw Chad and Kathy into a love relationship with Him, is one of the most thrilling stories that I have seen in over 30 years as a pastor." - Dr. Jeffery H. Wells, Senior Pastor, WoodsEdge Church

"I have yet to see anyone in public speaking have such a dynamic effect on people that causes them to make such radical but positive changes in their lives. Chad Robichaux's integrity, his trustworthiness and faithfulness to all that he does, has been a fantastic influence on our leadership eam and on the church as a whole." - Ron Woods, Lead Pastor, The Assembly

"With disarming honesty and faith, Chad and Kathy Robichaux have shared their story...and God has used their story to rekindle faith and hope in weary hearts, and rekindle love in tired marriages." - Dave Mason, Pastor, Brentwood Neighborhood Church

"...There was so much depth to their presentation about life's challenges and how to overcome those challenges with Jesus Christ as our ultimate Healer. Chad and Kathy's personal testimony showed our congregation how to have victory over so many of life's entanglements, from depression to marital struggles, and how Jesus can be our bondage breaker..." - David Baird, Lead Pastor, The Life Church

"Chad Robichaux has the heart of a "true warrior:" Compassionate but full of resolve. His message leaves you believing in the greatness of this country and the service members that fought for her. Chad's dedication to seeing these warriors whole again reveals that God is still in the business of transforming lives. Our congregation is still talking about his visit. We hope he becomes a regular guest here at Bethel Christian Fellowship." - David Domina, Lead Pastor, Bethel Christian Fellowship

"Chad used his compelling story to draw us in and then point to the power of the Gospel.  What a powerful testimony" - David Nasser. Senior VP of Spiritual Development, Liberty University

"I highly recommend Chad Robichaux to you not only as an outstanding communicator with a great heart and passion, but also as someone who loves the Church and Pastors. Chad understands the unique demands of Pastoral leadership and seeks to come alongside in a complimentary way to partner in reaching the lost, particularly Veterans. The two words I would use to describe Chad are "humility" and "servant." - Tom Ferrell, Lead Pastor, Atascadero Bible Church