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How To Design and Print Your Products

Once you have received your Do It Yourself products, it’s easy to get them ready to print. Follow the instructions below and/or visit our template download page to download a MS Word template.

Design Your Postcards

Postcards are easy to create and produce. Follow these simple steps for great results:
  1. Prepare Your Information

    Collect the information you want to include on the reverse side of your Postcards. This might include your logo, map, service times, bullet points and a few sentences of text. Remember to leave room for your postal permit indicia and room for your mailing labels (see enclosed sample).

    Text Tip: Remember, the purpose of this Postcard is not to give someone every detail about your church, but to motivate them to make a visit. Give them enough information so they can come without having to make a phone call for more details.

  2. Create Your Layout

    Your Postcard layout is easy to create in any word processing or desktop publishing program or even by using the “cut & paste” method. The three layout options will give you a guideline for how your page should look.

    1. Choose a “landscape” (horizontal) orientation for your page and specify your page size as 8.5" wide by 5.5" high.
    2. Margins for all sides should be set as close to 0.25" as possible as your printer allows.
    3. Use no more than two type faces (fonts). One bolder type face for headlines and subheads, and one regular type face for the text work well. However, using variations (bold, italic, light, etc.) on a font can add emphasis and visual variety to your layout without adding to graphic “clutter.” Please allow the minimum 5" wide by 1.5" high required by the post office for your mailing area (postage, address label & return address). Recommended font sizes:
      • Headlines: 36–48 pt.
      • Text: 10–12 pt.
      • Subheads: 14–24 pt.
      • Maps: 6–9 pt.
    4. Look at the three layout options for ideas about how to position the text and other elements on the inside of the Postcard. The result should be a simple, clean layout that offers key information without confusion. Have at least three people proof the layout for errors, content (date, time, location) and readability before you print.
  3. Print

    Postcards can be printed on laser or inkjet printers with either a manual bypass feed or a straight paper path. However, you may also want to print a clean, high-quality original of the reverse side of your Postcard and duplicate it at a local quick printer. The cost for 500 to 1,000 will be about $40.00.

  4. Mailing

    First Class postage for Postcards is currently $0.39 each. See the three layout options for placement of the indicia.

  5. Ways To Use Your Postcards:
    • Send Postcards to your community as invitations to your next special event.
    • Send Postcards to your church members telling them about an upcoming message series or guest speaker.
    • Insert Postcards in your church program for regular attenders to use as a personal invitation for an upcoming Sunday service, message series or special event.