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Digital Download FAQs

Q. I’m unable to see the Flash video previews.
A. You may need to update your Flash player – download the free Flash Player plug-in. This will allow you to see all of our previews.

Q. Are these videos high enough quality to display on a large screen?
A. Yes. All Outreach downloadable videos are formatted to show during your services or on a monitor. Each clip is available in multiple formats to suit your needs. The H.264 video format (recommended for some presentation software and Quicktime Pro) is a higher quality, but all three are high enough quality to play on a large screen.

Q. Which formats are available for download?
A. We offer three formats for each of the video resources: MPEG, H.264 & Windows Media. Consult your presentation software before choosing which format to download.

Mpeg – Are a large file size, and are compatible with both Windows and Mac using Windows Media Player or Quicktime. We recommend using this format in presentation software (Powerpoint, MediaShout).

H.264 - This is a smaller file size than Mpeg-1, and a higher quality. It can be used with both Windows and Mac provided that your computer is updated with the latest version of Quicktime 7 and/or iTunes. This format may be used in some presentation software, but will still require you to have the latest version of Quicktime 7 or iTunes installed on your computer. You will have the option of choosing a Standard or High Def format for H.264.

Windows Media (WMV) - This format works well on Windows systems and the default media player. This format can be used for POWERPOINTS, Media Shout and other popular presentation software on Windows. You will have the option of choosing a Standard or High Def format for WMV.

Q. What is your refund policy for downloads?
A. We do not offer a refund on any of our downloadable videos. If you are experiencing a problems with your downloaded resource, please call us at 800-991-6011 and we will try to assist you

Q. What is a “.zip file”, and how do I get my video out of it?
A. A “.zip file” is a commonly used way to package files and compress them slightly to speed up your download. Digital download products do require technical proficiency to extract and properly implement the downloads. If you are uncertain of your church’s technical abilities, you may want to purchase the appropriate DVD instead of the download product.

On a PC with Windows XP, you will need to right-click the folder after it has finished downloading and choose “Extract…” or “Unzip” to access your download.

On a Mac, double click the “.zip file” and it will automatically uncompress and create a folder on your desktop with both the video file and the user agreement.

Q. Can my Mac download “.zip files”?
A. Yes, on a Mac, double click the “.zip file” and it will automatically uncompress and create a folder on your desktop with both the video file and the user agreement. If this does not work, you may need to download "StuffIt Expander" a free download that will allow you to easily unzip folders on your Mac.

Q. I have completed my purchase, where do I go to download my videos?
A. We've made 2 convenient ways for you to access your downloadable items.
1.  Immediately following your purchase, you will be taken to a Product Download page that will direct you to your downloads.
2.  As an added convenience, you will receive an email receipt sent to the email address that you provided, that will contain the same link. Please note: Due to delays in your email server, this email may take a few minutes to arrive.

Q. How long should it take to download my file?
A. The time it takes to download your file is dependent upon your internet connection. For DSL/Cable users, the download should only take a matter of minutes. We do not recommend downloadable content for dial-up users or those with slower internet connections, instead we recommend you purchase the appropriate DVD for the content you desire.

Q. How long do I have to download my video clip after I’ve purchased it?
A. When you purchase a downloadable video, we provide you with a link to access it for one year. However, you only have five chances to download each product. If after five attempts, the video won't download or doesn't play correctly, please contact Customer Service and we will reset your download attempts.

Q. I’m unable to download the lesson plans or handouts.
A. The lessons and/or sermon resources are may be in the PDF file format. We recommend that you download this free software, Adobe Reader, to view the PDF files.

Q. I’m having trouble using my video with PowerPoint.
A. Before using videos from Outreach in PowerPoint, make sure they have been unzipped (see above).

When using the videos in PowerPoint, we recommend that you use the MPG1 version but the WMV will work as well. To import the video into PowerPoint, follow these steps: (these steps based on latest version of PowerPoint)

1.    In PowerPoint, go to the “Insert” menu.

2.    Go to “Movies and Sounds” and choose “Movie from file…”.

3.    Find your downloaded file on your hard drive and select it.

4.    From here, you will have the ability to resize and change the settings for the video much like you would for a picture or graphic in PowerPoint.

*For the most reliable video playback, we recommend saving the video directly to your desktop, or in a folder on your desktop. For information on why this is so important, click here.