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Engager Invitation Training Engager Invitation Training

In this series of training videos, Pastor Jason Daye of Outreach and Pastor Dan Perkins of Every Home For Christ explain the "why" behind Engager Invitations and share ideas to help your church mobilize your people and use these tools most effectively.

Why Engager Invitations?


Studies have shown that 85% of believers don't actively share their faith. Engager Invitations can help your church begin to change this.

Adding Your Church Information


If you received flat, unfolded Engager Invitations, here's how to customize them and prepare them for distribution.

Sharing Faith Stories


How Engager Invitations can encourage your church members to take steps toward starting spiritual conversations.

Using Engagers Effectively


Enagager Invitations can create a culture of evangelism in your church. Here's how.

Steps to Identifying Key People


How to identify key people in your church who can help lead an Engager Invitation ministry team.

Praying For Your Community


Prayer initiatives help cast your church's vision for your community. Here's how you can begin such an initiative.

The Websites Printed on Engagers


Each Engager Invitation is integrated with a website to learn more. Here's what to know about these websites.

The Encounter Outreach App


An overview of the new Encounter Outreach app, where to get it and how to use it to track your outreach progress.

Stories From The Field


The ultimate goal of sharing Engager Invitations is to see people come to Christ. Here's one such story.

The Powerful Printed Page


Engager Invitations last beyond initial conversations, often carrying those converations forward.

Various Engager Invitation Titles


Engager Invitations are available for various season, events and on general themes. Learn how to order additional titles.