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"I Love Sundays" Campaign Resources

Changing Sundays Changes Lives

It used to be that Sundays were set aside for church, rest and families. But, for most people, Sundays have become just another busy day of the week with no time left for church or quality time with family. At the same time, more and more people are wondering why life isn’t working so well for them. Just as God rested on the seventh day after creation, He wired us to also need rest, relational connection and spiritual renewal once a week. Living Sundays the way God meant for them to be will lead to benefits that cascade into just about every area of life. Through the 5-week I Love Sundays campaign, your members and visitors will discover how their relationships, work, finances, and health can all be transformed by the decision to make Sunday the best day of their week!

The Five "I Love Sundays" Topics:


Sundays Can
Surprise You

Ps 100:4; Ps 122:1

Preview Week 1:


Good Sundays Make Better Mondays
Ps 127:1-2; Jos 1:8; Ex 20:8; Dt 5:12; Is 58:13-14

Preview Week 2:


Better Sundays Make Better Families
Prov 20:6

Preview Week 3:


Sundays Can Change Your Eternity
Mt 16:18; Jn 1:12; 2 Cor 5:17; Lk 15:10

Preview Week 4:


How Sundays
Changed the World

Mt 24:14; Mt 16:15-21; Rev 19:9; Mt 25:14-30

Preview Week 5:

To watch the promo videos, click play and then click on the full screen icon:

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"I Love Sundays" Church Kit
$49.95 $69.99 List

"I Love Sundays" Church Kit

Church Kit

Take your church through this five week experience and help them discover how Sundays can make the rest of their lives better. The Church Kit includes everything you need to plan the series, preach the sermons, and get people involved in the campaign:
  • Resource DVD with five sermon bumper videos, promotional video, and countdown clock
  • 5 customizable sermons
  • Campaign Planning Guide
  • Web and social media graphics
  • Small Group Study Kit with Leader's Guide and Participant's Study Guide
  • Sample invitation tools
  • An I Love Sundays wristband
  • An I Love Sundays t-shirt

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"I Love Sundays" DVD-Based Leader's Kit
$14.95 $24.95 List

Small Group Study Kit

Launch small groups around the I Love Sundays themes and see even deeper spiritual growth and church involvement. Through Scripture, discussion questions, and weekly applications, participants will explore how their family relationships, work, finances, and health can all be transformed by the simple decision to make Sunday the best day of their week!

The 5 Topics Are:

  • Week 1: Sundays Can Surprise You
  • Week 2: Sundays Can Change Your Whole Week
  • Week 3: Sundays Can Change Your Whole Family
  • Week 4: Sundays Can Change Your Eternity
  • Week 5: Sundays Have Changed the World

The Small Group Study Kit includes:

  • DVD with one I Love Sundays promotional video
  • Digital resources: Small group sign-up sheet template, bulletin insert template, promotional flyer template, and social media graphics
  • Leader's Guide with tips for hosting and facilitating an effective small group study
  • Small Group Study Guide
"I Love Sundays" Study Guide
as low as $6.95 $8.99 List

Study Guide

Every small group members will need a copy of the I Love Sunday's Study Guide. This guide will help participants live out these five topics:

  • Sundays Can Surprise You—whether you attend church regularly, occasionally, or never, your Sundays can be better if you decide to invest something great into it
  • Sundays Can Change Your Whole Week—by preparing for it like it's the highlight of your week, your Sunday experience can provide a beautiful rest and rhythm to the rest of your life
  • Sundays Can Change Your Whole Family—serving together at church and spending meaningful time together on Sundays brings closeness and establishes a path for children to continue on when they grow up
  • Sundays Can Change Your Eternity—by receiving Jesus' offer of new life, you are invited to become a member of God's family and share your story with others
  • Sundays Have Changed the World—the Church has changed (and is still changing) the world more than any other entity on earth—and you are a critical part of it!

This guide is perfect for group, family, and individual study. It includes Scripture readings, discussion questions, and practical ways you can apply these truths to your life and discover that the real solution to making your Sundays and your life better is to start with God and His Church.

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"I Love Sundays" Study Guide
as low as $2.39
when you order 10 or more

Gift Book

God wants Sunday to be the best day of your week and the Sunday worship service to be the best hour of your day. Unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way. Through this gift book, people will learn how to make their lives better by making the strategic decision to invest in a weekly Sunday church experience.

This 112 page, 5.5" x 5.5" book covers 7 suggestions that will help your visitors and church members see your church as an extended family and look forward to being with them each weekend. Great for visitor centers, new members classes, and for church members to give as an outreach tool. Read Chapter 1.

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I Love Sundays T-shirts

Imagine the conversations that your members can have around the community when they start wearing these "I Love Sundays" t-shirts! Besides being a great conversation-starter, these t-shirts are a great way to build excitement and introduce the campaign to your regular attenders.

Unisex T-shirts: These soft shirts are made of 100% Cotton and come in five sizes:

  • M – XL $6.99 each
  • XXL & XXXL $8.99 each

NEW Customize your T-shirts! Now you can add your church logo or name to the "I Love My Sundays" t-shirts! With a minimum order of 48 t-shirts you can put your church name in 1 color on the back of each T-shirt - call for details. Please allow 7 days for order processing on customized shirts.

Customized t-shirt pricing:

  • 48 – 71: $12.99
  • 72 – 143: $10.99
  • 144 – 287: $9.99
  • 288 – 503: $9.49
  • 504+: $8.99
"I Love Sundays" Wristbands
as low as $0.99
when you order 10 or more


I Love Sundays Wristbands

Something as simple as a wristband can change someone's life. Encourage your members to wear the "I Love Sundays" wristband - it's a great conversation starter and a great way to invite people to a Sunday service or small group.

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Invitation Tools

Invite everyone in your community to attend your sermon series and small groups!

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Banners and Bulletins

Promote your  I Love Sundays  campaign around your church and community.

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