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"In a world where spiritual confusion is increasing, GodQuest helps bring clarity and conviction. This is a terrific resource for developing a solid foundation for faith."

– Lee Strobel, bestselling author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith


"I am thrilled about GodQuest because more than ever Sean is teaching the critical issues of the day. GodQuest does not just give surface answers, but goes into looking at the questions behind the questions out there and exploring worldviews. I am convinced that it is so important for Christians today to be studying and learning how to respond to these questions that Sean raises and thankful there is a resource like GodQuest to help us."

– Dan Kimball, author of They Like Jesus But Not The Church


"GodQuest is a awesome resource to explore life's most important questions in a authentic way. It's filled with practical and useful information for both individuals and groups and encourages taking honest steps on the journey with God. I believe many will read it and discover, or re-discover, the God who is our hope!"

– Jud Wilhite, author of Torn and Senior Pastor of Central Christian Church, Las Vegas


"I highly recommend GodQuest for any church that wants its members to develop a strong foundation for their faith and be confident about sharing it with others. It's a spiritual journey every Christian should take!"

– Josh McDowell, bestselling author of More Than a Carpenter


"All of us are on a journey through life. The journey is often difficult and confusing with many bumps and forks in the road. Many will, therefore, welcome the GodQuest series as a helpful resource by Sean McDowell, Stan Jantz, and Bob Hostetler. The authors aren’t merely standing in the road with compasses and pointing journeyers in the right direction. The combination of videos, study guide and a novel make this a fun journey led by Sean McDowell, a warm and trustworthy guide. This is not just another apologetics resource. This is a great resource that every youth pastor should purchase and use with their groups!"

– Michael Licona, Ph.D., Apologetics Coordinator, North American Mission Board


"GodQuest combines two compelling dynamics…declaration and invitation. It objectively declares the claims of Christianity and its supporting facts. But it also invites people to examine the evidence for themselves and to draw their own conclusions. These two features make GodQuest a powerful tool to fortify faith that’s factually informed and personally owned."

– Bob Coy, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale