Back to Church Sunday is a day focused on uniting the Church to equip and empower members to be inviters. Eight out of ten people say they are open to visiting church if invited. That's powerful! Imagine how your community can be transformed with this event serving as a catalyst to create an invitational culture in your church.

This Year's Theme Is Based On 2 Corinthians 6:2

"...Now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation." 2 Corinthians 6:2
In a time when terrorism plagues our freedom and the current culture threatens our religious liberties, the need for the Church and God's favor is greater than ever. The church is the hope of the world! Now's the time for your church to get involved!

95% of churches would participate in Back to Church Sunday again

81% reported that Back to Church Sunday motivated members to invite their family and friends

The Back to Church Sunday roster features churches from over 120 denominations across the globe

22% Average attendance increase on that day for churches who participated in 2015

Join The Movement: Add Your Church To The List

Show your support for Back To Church Sunday by adding your church information to the list of participating churches. When you do, you'll allow visitors and the media to find your church on the website. Plus... you'll receive the Back to Church Planning Guide—FREE!

6 Steps To Reach The Most Visitors And Maximize Your Event:

1) Order The Church Event Kit

An all-new, all-in-one event kit for promoting and hosting a church-changing Back to Church Sunday event. Every resource you need, including:

  • 8 videos (a $160 value)
  • NEW "Now Is the Time" Anthem song—royalty free (includes bonus lyric video)
  • Now's the Time T-shirt
  • Now's the Time gift book
  • New sermon and digital resources
  • Coupon book—includes over $200 in product savings!

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2) Excite and Involve Members

Get people excited about Back to Church Sunday with this year’s new videos. Show them on Sundays in the weeks leading up to your event, post them online and share them on social media.

Preview Videos

Provide t-shirts for your members to wear around town before your event to get people talking about it.

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Encourage your members to invite everyone they know!

3) Invite Your Community

Outreach stocks all the tools you need to reach your community:

  • Send a custom postcard with your church and event information to every home
  • Display banners inside and outside your church to create buzz and to welcome visitors
  • Empower your members to be inviters with customizable invitation tools

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4) Host Visitors

Welcome your visitors and congregation to your church on Back to Church Sunday: provide Bulletins with information on your church and show the powerful videos during your service.

Give every Back to Church Sunday visitor a Now's the Time gift book, and promote this book on your postcard invitations to see a higher response rate.

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5) Plan A Follow-Up Campaign

Keep your visitors coming back and increase church engagement by starting the 4-week RESET series and small groups on September 25. Save $30 when you order both kits together!

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6) Participate in Hope Sunday

Host your Hope Sunday event on the last Sunday of your RESET series, October 16. It's the perfect complement to week four of RESET, which is "Reset My Hands," about showing the love of Christ through practical service.

Back To Church Sunday Training Webinar

This inspiring and informative webinar will help you plan an effective Back to Church Sunday event. WATCH NOW

Ready To Bring People Back To Church?

Past Participants Love Back To Church Sunday!

"We had 7 salvations. Enough said. It is a great tool to remind people to ask someone to church. I believe that it is also a catalyst for excitement and that continues past just Back to Church Sunday!" —Carthage Nazarene

"I would highly recommend it. Best investment of time and money we make every year." —New Zion Baptist Church

"We more than doubled our weekly attendance for that Sunday." —Beulah Presbyterian Church