Give New Members A Solid Foundation - Use the 30 Day Church Challenge for Your New Member Curriculum

The 30-Day Church Challenge is designed as a day-by-day challenge to help develop the spiritual foundation and disciplines of new members at your church. This 30 day devotional study will help new members grow, understand and engage in the 5 purposes of church as found in the second chapter of Acts.

Get these four resources to create and customize your churches new member curriculum.

Download These Free New Member Class Resources

New Member Curriculum Outline provides a suggested 6 week outline to tailor for your churches needs combining the basic disciplines with church history, poignant videos and weekly assignments for a well rounded study.
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Membership Commitment and Course Completion document provides a membership sheet with a signature sheet on the Statement of Beliefs, and certificate of completion with a place to attach the church challenge coin.
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Bring the 30-day Challenge to Your Whole Church
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*If your new member class leader requires teaching notes, consider purchasing the church kit and
modify the enclosed sermon outlines for each class.

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