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Video Endorsements

  • Gary Bracewell CLF

    Pastor Bracewell
    Christian Life Fellowship

More Pastor Testimonies

Great resource to help people focus on becoming the Church
"One of the most valuable and effective small group tools we have found to date. It has captured the attention of our people, impacted their lives, and got them buzzing about it."
- Jacksonville Assembly of God, IL
"I believe it works."
- Stroh Church of Christ, IN
"I encourage it; it can be tailored to you own situation very easily."
- First United Methodist Church, AR
"Go for it! Acts 2 is a wonderful study on the church and the way we are suppose to be doing ministry. These materials give you some great food for thought and for the most part, the videos are great."
- Bethel Lutheran, NC
"Great foundational teaching. It is both challenging and inspiring journey for you to go through together."
- World Reachers, TX
"It is an effective way to re-teach the basics."
- Calvary New Life Fellowship, TX
"Do it"
- Christ Community, CT
"Do not hesitate. The growth will begin with you"
- Mission Hope Church of the Nazarene, TX
By using the sermon series - [It] "Freed me up for more personal contact."
"Impact was great. Drove home the message of how these five things affect our lives as well as other people we come in contact with"
"Excellent testimonials. Because the segments were between 3 and 5 minutes we were able to use two for each service."
"WE used them in small groups. Showed Week one "Quay" in the morning service, but the videos were all shown in small groups after that. My people are still talking about Quay's testimony and the impact it had on them."

More Testimonies From the Congregation

Awesome - greaet spiritual growth opportunity
"I can't believe it I'm really getting it. I don't want the 30 day to end. Best $10.00 spent. Thanks for cheering me on! - A testimony from one of our newly saved ladies; PJ & Sharon, WOW!!!!!!!"
- Linda
"I have felt disconnected since high school and this small group is the first time I've felt connected with the church since."
- 22 yr old college student , NC
"Was very good for some of our new believers!"
"Great feedback on the Small group experience. The questions and discussion really allowed some wonderful growth to take place both individually and as a group/church."
"Awesome - great spiritual growth opportunity!"
"All enjoyed and grew during this experience."
"It was a very helpful, positive experience."
"Several folks have commented that the material was very inspiring, challenging, and uplifting."
"Most favorable. I am an interim pastor leading a congregation through renewal. It is most helpful to accompany a vision process with your materials."
"This has been the most effective in terms of group participation, being on the mind of the people, and especially at building community that we have ever used. Our average attendance is 142 this year and we have 112 registered for this round of small groups."
"A group of fairly new Christians found it informative. They found the Stewardship lesson to be the most challenging to their discipleship and loved it!"
"We have seen our new believers growing before our eyes, sharing testimonies of God working in their lives. This has been a great tool for what we have already been doing."
- Hope Christian Church, CT

Results from 30 Day Church Challenge Survey of Participating Churches - Fall 2012