What is the 30-Day Church Challenge? Thirty Days That Will Transform Your Church!

The 30-Day Church Challenge is a five-week experience that challenges your members to understand and engage in the five main purposes of the church as found in the book of Acts! Learn more about the survey and what church leaders are saying ».

30-Day Church Challenge Church Kit

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30-Day Church Challenge Kit

For many, unfortunately, the church is only a place they go to on Sundays or holidays. What if it could be much more?

For thirty days they will discover how your church can help them reach their God-given potential and how together you can become a church that transforms your community and the world! Featuring inspirational sermons, weekly challenges, video-based lessons, and the 30-Day Church Challenge book, this powerful campaign will challenge your church (attenders) to:

  1. Devote themselves to authentic community (Acts 2:44)
  2. Develop a worship lifestyle (Acts 2:46-47)
  3. Commit to spiritual growth (Acts 2:42)
  4. Embrace stewardship and a generous lifestyle (Acts 2:44-45; Acts 4;32-35)
  5. Engage in sharing God's love and the gospel with others (Acts 2:47)

Church kit components include:

  • Six customizable sermons with weekly challenges (includes vision-casting sermon, And They Called It "The Church") (Read Week 1 Sermon)
  • Leader's Guide to help you thoroughly plan and implement a successful, effective campaign
  • Resource DVD with video sermon illustrations
  • The 30-Day Church Challenge DVD-based Study for small groups
  • PowerPoint templates and matching bulletin inserts
  • Planning and promotional tools
  • Branded graphics for your website and services

At the end of the 30-Day Church Challenge your congregation won't just view church as a place to come to, but as a vibrant family to belong to. They won't just come to church, they will BEcome the church: a community of faith—powerful, inspirational, and transformational-touching your community and the world with the power of the Gospel!

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30-Day Church Challenge Book

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30-Day Church Challenge Book

The 30-Day Church Challenge Book features daily devotional lessons and weekly small group discussion questions. On Monday-Saturday you will read the daily devotional and teaching lessons for each week's topic, take simple application steps (called Simple Steps), and journal in answers to the question in the personal daily journal section. Read the first chapter

Every participant will need a 30-Day Church Challenge Book!

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Use this study as curriculum for your new members class. Learn How »

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Small Group DVD

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30-Day Church Challenge DVD Based Study

Connect every member of your congregation into a 30-Day Church Challenge Small Group and help them discover the five purposes of the Church and they can revolutionize their lives. This five week study follows the themes from the campaign sermons and encourages each person to go deeper and apply the lessons each day!

Every small group leader will need a DVD-based Study Kit. The Kit includes:

  • A Small Group DVD with group leader’s guide and weekly videos to watch and discuss.
  • 30-Day Church Challenge Book - featuring daily lessons with simple, do-able application steps and small group discussion/study questions for the week.

Watch Sample Videos

Use this study as curriculum for your new members class. Learn How »

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30-Day Church Challenge Coin

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30-Day Church Challenge Coins

The 30-Day Church Challenge Coin is designed to help your congregation connect with your church, remember the principles you are teaching, and make a commitment to engage in the 5 purposes of the church. Most importantly, the coins reminds your attenders that church is not a place you go, it is a family you belong to. When participants carry and display the coin they are saying: We belong! We're in this together! We're committed! We're part of something bigger than us! You can count on me—for the next 5 weeks, I'm in and ready for the challenge! The coins come in a pack of 10, individually-mounted on a simple “backer card" printed with a special message to remind your church of the commitment everyone is making in this 30-Day Church Challenge campaign:

The coin you hold in your hand is a powerful reminder of the challenge we're taking and the commitment necessary to get everything we can from this challenge:

  • Six customizable sermons with weekly challenges (includes vision-casting sermon, And They Called It "The Church")
  • It represents our church leadership saying: We're committed to making the 30-Day Church Challenge a life-changing experience for you!
  • It's all of us saying to one another: We're in this 30-Day Challenge together! We're committed to BEcoming like the Acts 2 church!
  • It's you saying to the rest of the church: You can count on me to attend the services for the next five weeks, and to prayerfully engage in the five purposes of the church!
  • And it's you making a personal commitment to yourself: For the next 30 days, I'm committed to discovering my God-given potential through the five purposes of the church!

NOTE: The Challenge Coin is referenced in the Week 1 Sermon provided in the Church Kit.

Use this challenge in your new member class. Learn How »

30 Day Church Challenge 5 Pack

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30-Day Church Challenge Banner & Stand 5 Pack

Show your church that the challenge is on! Promote the campaign, increase participation and build momentum with these indoor banners. Promote the five themes of the 30-Day Church Challenge with these eye-catching RollUp Banners on your stage or in your lobby. These vinyl banners use a sleek, modern aluminum stand! They can easily be set-up and taken down in under a minute, plus the banner is stored in a protective case for future use. Purchase these banners and stands individually for $149 each or get all 5 for the price of 4 – only $596!

Save $149 when you buy 5!

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