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How to Use Door Hangers to Invite This Christmas

If you want an easy, fast and fun way to tell your community about your church’s Christmas events, try a church door hanger outreach! Not only are door hangers an inexpensive and easy way to spread the word, they are also an effective way to involve your regular church attenders in evangelism.

Why Start with Church Door Hangers?

Because your door hanger is right there on the door handle, people can’t miss your message. They have to pick it up as they go inside. Not only that, it has several other positives. A door hanger is a better solution than trying to leave a flyer on the doorstep, which can blow away or be damaged by rain and snow. It’s affordable, which is always a plus for any church budget. Leaving one is also less intrusive than knocking, which can make people frustrated (not the feeling you want associated with your church). A door hanger also allows you to ensure you reach every house. You can see which homes are occupied or not because you’re actually out in the neighborhood.
Here are a few easy steps to help you get started:

Designing Your Door Hanger

  • Choose a DoorHanger design that fits your Christmas event or the style of your church. Make sure it looks professional and gets your message across in an exciting way. If you have an existing campaign, make sure your hanger matches the look and feel for a coordinated marketing effort.
  • Decide whether you want to print professionally or use a copier or printer. Remember that DIY printing will require ink and good paper to ensure that the end result looks nice. Weigh the costs and time of the two methods before committing and err on the side of professionalism. This may be the recipient’s first connection with your church and you want to make a good impression.
  • Be sure to include your church address, phone number, website and information on your upcoming event or ministry. Mention a free gift or family photo on the doorhanger to provide the recipients one more reason to give your church a try.

CONTENT TIP: To create an effective invitation, put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. If you didn’t attend church regularly or had never attended, what would motivate you to visit at Christmas? Also remember that the topic of faith can often be stressful or intimidating. Make your content welcoming and gentle so they feel good about visiting your church.

Canvassing Your Community

  • Get a street map for the area around your church and mark the neighborhoods you want to reach. Set up the time when you would like to have the Door Hangers placed. You want to have them on doors at least a week before—but no more than 2 weeks before—your event. If they go out too early, people may forget. Are you combining your Door Hanger outreach with a postcard mailing? Try to time the arrival of both invitations within a few days of each other to reinforce the messaging.
  • Put up a table in the lobby with the map and Door Hangers. On Sunday, make an announcement about the outreach effort. Ask your members to take home 6 Door Hangers and leave them on the doors of their neighbors. Or, they can volunteer to go out with a team on a special day to hang them. Mark the map with the areas that are being covered by individuals and teams. It makes it easier for people to see where extra help is needed.
  • Ask your volunteers to pray for each home as they hand out the Door Hangers. If your members get to meet people as they are in the neighborhood, make sure they are polite and friendly. It's also very important to respect the privacy of the homeowners.
  • Plan a small party after the outreach to thank volunteers for their time and efforts. Give people time to share about their experiences or talk about future ideas of how to reach out.

The Benefits of Your Church Door Hanger Ministry

A Christmas Door Hanger outreach is a great way to get your church events front-and-center in your community. Plus door hangers can be a standalone tool, or they pair well with direct mail, invite cards and outdoor banners. This will create a fully integrated outreach campaign. And because Door Hangers rely on volunteer participation, you have the added benefit of making your congregation feel empowered and involved. Give them a try this Christmas and share pictures of your team in action on our Facebook page at