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Taking It To The Web: Why Your Church Needs Digital Outreach

If your church doesn’t include digital outreach as part of your overall strategy, you’re overlooking an important way to connect with your community. In our technology-driven society, people who are interested in finding a church are going to be looking at your church’s websites and social media pages. It’s vital that your church makes a great digital impression...

First Impressions Count

Having a visitor-focused website that is informative and well-designed helps your church create a positive and impactful first impression. Your website allows a potential new visitor the opportunity to learn a little bit about your church before they even step foot in the door. This helps ease their fear and answer questions about what to expect at your church.

Staying Connected

Social media is all about relationships and community - which is also what the church is all about. Your social media presence, including Facebook and Instagram, helps showcase the life of your church. Keeping your Facebook page active and up to date with new and encouraging content helps your church remain relevant and engaged with your community outside of your weekly services.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed

Most churches are not equipped to keep up with the fast-paced digital world, and that’s where Outreach Digital can help. Outreach Digital makes it easy for your church to reach your community online through automated social media and church websites. It’s a set of tools to help you build relationships online. Here’s how Outreach Digital can help you:

Outreach Social

Instead of hiring a graphic designer and social media manager, Outreach Social provides you with professionally-designed, automated Facebook posts that can help increase engagement by three times its current level. It’s an easy way to increase your likes, comments and shares so your Facebook pages are active and interesting. Learn More

Outreach Sites

Chances are your church already has a website. But just having a site isn’t enough - if you can’t easily keep it updated, focus it on the things visitors find important, and have modern-looking graphics, then your website is probably not an effective tool for your church.

Outreach Sites bring your online presence to the next level with beautifully designed, easy to manage websites that include the tools and features you need as a church - including a sermon manager, predesigned ministry pages, analytics, and captivating Outreach Inc. imagery. Plus the Visual Builder tool makes it easy to to update and maintain.Learn more

You can pair Outreach Social and Outreach Sites together for the most impact. Your digital tools will be updated, efficient, and relevant - helping you bring people to your church and increasing your online engagement.