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Four Creative Ways to Reach more Church Visitors this Christmas

With the season fast approaching and only 46% of Americans saying they celebrate Christmas as a primarily religious holiday, this may be a good time to think through your church’s holiday celebrations. While everyone loves a candlelit Christmas Eve service, are there other events and services you could offer that would make your church more visible in the community AND increase the number of visitors this winter?

Here are four creative ways to rethink your Christmas plans:

  1. Take it to the streets - Often as church leaders we rely too heavily on having the community come to us, but what if this Christmas season you took your church out into your neighborhood to serve? Here are a couple ideas to get you started:
    • Collect frozen turkeys and then take them to an apartment complex, mobile home park or senior housing area and give them out - be sure to also provide a small invitation to your Christmas services.
    • Hand out hot chocolate, coffee or even cup-of-soup to commuters at the local mass transit station on cold winter mornings and/or evenings.
    • Go old-school and take a group Christmas Caroling through the neighborhood around your church. Invite people to join the group and sing along as you go door to door. Or take a group to the retirement home to put a smile on the faces of seniors in your area.
  2. Share the story in new ways - Living nativities, drive-through nativities, movies about the nativity... they have all been done before, so how can you share the miracle of Christmas in a unique way that will garner attention? How about an art showing! The Story of Christmas is a 20-piece set of canvas-wrapped wall art that beautifully depicts key moments in the story of Jesus birth. This collection of 18” x 24” prints come with wall cards that identify the event depicted and help guide viewers through the story so you can invite families to tour the exhibit and learn about the real Christmas story together.
  3. Help parents - The holidays are a stressful time for everyone, by opening your facility and offering childcare you can help provide relief to parents. Here are a few ideas:
    • Provide children’s activities like a Kid’s Craft Fair so parents can go to the mall, toy store or grocery store without the extra help of their little ones.
    • Open your church on snow days so working parents have a safe place to take their children - offer a VBS type class to keep the kids occupied.
  4. Share a meal -Christmas can be a lonely time of year, especially if you don’t have loved ones who live nearby. Organize a holiday meal and invite singles, seniors, military personnel, immigrants or anyone who is without family to join in for a huge holiday potluck. Encourage people to bring their favorite holiday dish to share with their new extended family.

Christmas is all about giving and sharing God’s love with our broken world. By thinking outside the traditions, you may just find a new way to reach people this season!