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Everything You Need to Know About Church Flag Banners

Flag Banners are tall, outdoor banners that are designed to draw attention to your building, driveway or location. They provide the best visibility when multiple flags are used along a street, up a driveway or around a parking lot.

Most flag banners are printed on semi-transparent nylon fabric that is lightweight and has movement in a breeze, which helps draw attention to the banner. The fabric and ink are intended for lasting outdoor use - however they are not designed to stand up to extremely windy conditions.

Often times the flag banner is only printed on one side, but because it is transparent the message can be read from either side - the viewer’s brain will automatically translate the word event if it’s facing the wrong direction.

(Note: Two-sided flag banners are available - they have an extra layer of fabric between the two sides so they are opaque. They will also be more expensive because of the extra fabric and labor involved in manufacturing)

Outreach offers two different styles of Flag Banners: The traditional feather flag and the teardrop style. Both work with the same hardware and are almost 12 feet tall when attached to an outdoor flag banner pole and spike stand.

The graphic area on a feather flag is long and narrow (approx. 2 feet wide) and this flag offers more movement in a breeze. The teardrop style flag has a wider top area for graphics (approx 3 feet wide) but the lower area is very narrow and impractical for messaging. The tautness of the teardrop style causes the banner to move less.

Flag Banners can be used in a variety of ways around your church building to attract visitors, promote upcoming events, share Sunday service times and for parking lot directions. But the usage is not limited to areas where they can be embedded in dirt: A cross base is also available for use on hard-surfaces, so you can display a flag on concrete walkways - or even indoors!

Flag banners are an economical and effective tool to draw attention to your church - click here to check out all the available designs and learn more.