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Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test - Case of 25 Covid Test (Pack of 25)

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Box of 25 CovClearTM COVID-19 Antigen Tests: 3 Minute Results for Church, School, Business or Home. This testing product is non returnable.

At only $15.96 per test, this premium CovClearTM Covid-19 Rapid Antigen test provides lab quality results in as little as 3 minutes. Use the tests when there has been exposure to COVID or to test staff and volunteers for contagion before services. Tests can also be made available to members or to the community (optional donation) as an outreach as there is currently a shortage of tests available.

The CovClearTM Antigen is a lower-cavity nasal swab test designed to detect active Covid-19 infection in only as little as 3 minutes. Results are easy to read, accurate and reliable - CovClearTM has a 99.7% overall accuracy!

  • Simple to use – rapid results in 3 minutes (Must be read between 3 and 20 minutes)
  • Researched, developed & manufactured in the USA
  • Can detect infection 2-3 days after exposure - before someone is contagious
  • Contains 25 sterile swabs, 25 buffer solution ampules, 25 vials and caps, 25 test strips and 1 results key
  • Works for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals
  • Ages 3 and up. Should be administered by persons 18 yr old and above
  • The CovClearTM Rapid Antigen test is intended for the detection of extracted nucleocapsid protein antigens specific to SARS-CoV-2
  • Positive results indicate the presence of viral foreign agent, but clinical correlation with past medical history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine infection status
  • When collecting and handling specimens from individuals suspected of being infected with COVID-19, appropriate personal protective equipment should be used
  • Product recommended to be used within 2 years from date of manufacture
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Store at 15°C to 30°C (60°F to 86F) sealed
  • Available for U.S. domestic shipment only. Not available for shipment to Canada


  • 1. Pour entire solution ampule into empty vial.
  • 2. Insert dry swab into one nostril until you meet resistance. Swirl 7 times. Repeat with the same swab in other nostril.
  • 3. Place swab into prepared vial with buffer solution. Slightly swirl the vial and swab for 30 seconds. NOTE: DO NOT place the cap on the vial. DO NOT remove the swab.
  • 4. Press tip against side of vial to squeeze liquid from swab for 10 seconds. Then place swab back into the buffer solution. NOTE: DO NOT remove the swab.
  • 5. Place unused test strip, arrow pointing down, into vial with the swab. NOTE: Touch test strip on the colored end only
  • 6. Place cap securely onto the vial with the test strip and swab inside. NOTE: Cap will permanently lock in place. DO NOT tip vial over as this will invalidate the test.
  • 7. Test results will appear after 3 minutes and should be read between 3 and 20 minutes. (The blue line on the strip will turn red, indicating that the test is working.) False positive, false negative or invalid results may occur if the strip is read beyond the recommended period.
  • If only the red line appears, that indicates a negative test result. If a green line appears BELOW the red line, then the test is positive. In the event of a positive result, you may want to seek further medical assistance.

To download the directions for the Rapid Antigen Covid-19 Test click here.

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