Show the #1 Cable Show of the Year in Your Church Show Soul surfer and reach families in your city! Show To Save A Life in Your Church or School Hardflip - Share Is With Your Church and Community
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Show a Movie in Your Church!

Host a church movie night and reach your community. Using movies to open conversations about faith is an effective way to appeal to people who may never set foot in your church otherwise. Outreach Films provides movie licenses that allows you to legally show a movie in your church and to promote your showing to the public using the title, actors and art from the movie (CVLI does not include this right). Check out some movie event success stories.

About Outreach Films

Outreach Films is your source for church film tools. Share God's love and reach your community through movies! Film is the language of our day, setting the cultural tone and the patterns of thinking of this generation. Attractive and enriching, Outreach Films allow you to "speak the language" of your community and creates opportunities to share the gospel. The Outreach Films division provides movie licenses that not only give you the right to show the movie to a group, but also the rights to promote your event using artwork, actor's names and the title of the film you are showing.