Why Host A Church Movie Night?

Jonathan AcuffBy Jonathan Acuff

Twitter is temporary.
Facebook will fade.
MySpace is already a memory.

In a world where the average person sees up to 3,000 marketing messages a day, life is too cluttered and noisy for any one technology to endure. Vehicles like these, the mediums that carry communication, will disappear.

But there is one thing that will not.

One thing that is as old as the parables and as new as "tweets." One thing that has the power to change countries, jump over emotional walls and reach the places where lives are transformed. What is this thing?

A story.

More than a collection of words or a parade of sentences, a story communicates beyond the head and finds home in the heart. A story connects us to a truth that is inescapable, an emotion that is undeniable and an experience that is unforgettable.

And the best way to tell a story, the easiest way to tap into the truth that rests within the framework of a good story is with a movie.

For more than a century, we've trusted the dark confines of a theater to reach us. Whether it's with tears or laughter, friends or family, a movie is a communal event where a story comes to life. We walk away challenged or concerned, delighted or determined, having shared a three dimensional experience like no other.

Now, with a generation that is growing up with the Internet, movies are more important than ever before because they speak the fastest growing language on the planet, visual. We are a culture that sees truth and when we do, we can't help but repeat it. At the water cooler, be it literal or virtual, we tell our friends about what we saw, what we felt.

We see the world differently and for a brief moment of time, the things we know are reframed with a new truth. But there is a problem. A movie without application is not a complete story because a complete story always moves you from "what if" to "what is."

A great story leaves you not just with questions but with the ability to find answers. A great story lingers longer than today and travels into tomorrow if you know how to tell it. If you can find a way to take the core message of a story and give it exponential room to grow and inspire action.

These are the kind of stories we want to help you tell. Stories we've seen millions of people respond to. Stories we've seen topple giants and make marriages fireproof. Stories that change lives and grow hearts that beat loud for the most important story of all.

Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, the best stories in the world all point to the best story ever told. And when you combine creativity and movies with application and truth, you create experiences where truth comes to life in a new way that's as old as the dawn of time. And that, is a story we all want to be a part of.

Are you ready to tell a story?

There's no denying that movies have emotional power and the potential to impact people with life changing messages of hope and truth.

But how do you do it? How do you get a license to show the movie? How do you invite people to a community event based on a movie? How do you answer the questions that are certain to come up after the movie concludes? How do you make sure a movie is much more than just a one time event and instead garners long lasting conversation? Those are the questions we've spent years answering. From wrangling legal licenses churches can use, to preparing devotional packages that amplify the message of a movie, Outreach Films makes sharing the power of the cinema as simple as pressing the play button.

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Jonathan AcuffJonathan Acuff is a storyteller. Best known for his blog www.stuffchristianslike.net, he's also seen first hand the power a well told story can have to impact a community through his scriptwriting work with Chick-fil-A, North Point Community Church and Reach Records.